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What is the Mindset2PS service?

For the curious Public ready to Prepare Skills...


Firearms are publicly prolific, yet many people have never encountered real firearms outside of abstract entertainment, sensationalized news, or that one time in that guy's field! M2PS is a Professional Specialist, inviting all lawful Citizens to invest in a "tailored-to-you" service; one with an approachable introduction into the dynamic world of firearms Safety, Technology, Education & Mechanics- Ready to try hand-held physics for both practical sport & self defense...?  Let's get started!

For the experienced looking for Problem Solving...


Looking to sustain, refine or evolve skills you already have? M2PS seeks the Client's goal by providing objective, analytical & adaptive training.

All Clients are guided, with modern methods of mental awareness & mechanical proficiency, to "drive the gun" into effective shot placement. Focus to fire accurately, efficiently & smoothly under stress reinforces critical & perishable skill sets-

Ready to train for both practical competition & lawful defense to escape a threat...? Let's do it!

Mindset2PS is an endeavor to Provide Solutions...


Adult learning is goal oriented, & brings focus to solve challenges. M2PS brings adaptive solutions to each Client's natural learning curve & the evolution of your capabilities. With nearly two decades of practical experience, in both professional & public training, I can impart specifically tailored solutions to fulfill your firearms training goals- M2PS also seeks to cultivate relationships with other Small Arms Instructors in New England, our collective goal is Public Safety & Client confidence!

Mindset2PS Training Capabilities

Multi-NGO Certified Instruction presenting broadly accepted & effective firearms ability training...


So many options! It can seem like too much, yet consider this:

The vast majority who take their first shots, with an informed mindset in a secure range, almost always find the experience invigorating & rewarding!

With absolute confidence that anyone can adapt & overcome inexperience,

M2PS openly invites all motivated Citizens with dynamic skills & ability-

Let's refine your knowledge & proficiency!

Special Consultations:

State LTC / CCW permit Counseling Services

Special Event Instructor & RSO Services

*Film, Television & Media Advisory Services

Formatted Organizational Courses:

 Formatted courses via either USCCA or NRA

can be several hours over multiple days.

USCCA: "Educate, Train, Insure"

USCCA Basic Pistol Course

USCCA Home Defense Planning

USCCA Concealed Carry Course

NRA: "Knowledge, Skills, Attitude"

NRA Range Safety Officer Course

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course

M2PS Tailored Courses:

"Mindset • Mechanics • Problem Solving"

• Fundamentals of Safety & Range Etiquette

• Ammunition Details: Types & Applications

• Firearm Details: Parts, Functions & Operations

Handling Skills:

• Shot Fundamentals: Effective Shot Placement 

• Dynamic Fire Technique: Practical & Defensive

• Sustaining Proficiency & Adapting Techniques

Legal Considerations:

• Understanding Rights & Lawful Intent

• Proper Storage & Legal Transport

• Lawful Carry & Situational Awareness

Defense Dynamics:

• Confrontation & Verbal De-escalation

• Use of Lethal Force in Self Defense

• LE Interaction & Proper Communication

Peer Audits & Training Support:

*Special Event Preparation / Lead

MOI, SOP & Staff Development

Looking to jump right into a consulatation and quote for services?

Legal Policy, Availability Schedule, Pricing Range & Professional Background...


Legal Policy:

Valid Government Issue photo ID will be required for all clients over 16. Parent or Legal Guardian must be present at all times for clients under 18. Other Prohibited Persons need not apply. Federal Law prohibits the sale of pistol ammunition to anyone under 21. Clients under 21 may fire pistols under supervision of an Instructor & Range Facility Staff Discretion.


MSPS is available for public consultation 9am-9pm everyday except Monday and Federal holidays. Live Fire Range sessions are strongly recommended to be made a full week in advance. Special Event scheduling considered per event.  

Time & Pricing:

Clients completely new to firearms should expect a minimum of 2-3 hours of "classroom" instruction followed by a 1 hour range session.

Each Individual Client should expect to invest $40 to $120 per Range session. An itemized cost of rental firearms, ammo & PPE can be provided as requested.

Special Events:

 Contract Rates for tailored programs considered per Client, based on training goals and Range capabilities. *Custom Sessions with more dynamic & challenging techniques considered per contract consult evaluation.

About the Founder:

Professional Background:

2008 Honorably Discharged Infantry E6 / SSG

Heavy Weapons Section / Squad Leader

4/31st Infantry, 2ndBCT, 10th MTN DIV

2009-2016: VA DCJS / PSS Armed:

DoD Contract Armed Security thru 2011

Independent Armed Security thru 2015

2015 NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor:

(2015-2016) CSA VAB Range Team Lead

2015 Dynamic Pistol & Rifle Certification:

CSA VAB Colonial Tactical Modules

via Al Clark, Clark Consulting LLC. 

2016 Dynamic Shooting Instructor Development:

Combat Shooting Instruction: Pistol & Rifle

via Skyler Thomas, SRT Consulting LLC.


2017 NRA Chief RSO Certified:

via Ken Wilkinson, S.A.F.E. Inc.

2017 HTPS Combined Program

"High Threat Protection Specialist"

Multi-Cert Threat Protection Course

NAEMT TCCC Medic Certified

via SECFOR International, CA

2018 USCCA Instructor Certification

via Dan Bulkley, Safe & Secure LLC.

2019 SIG Classic Armorer Cert.

via SIG Academy, NH

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Mindset2PS provides adaptive training solutions designed to achieve Client goals- 1st time Safety & Range Conduct Courses, into Dynamic Live Fire Range sessions focused on challenging & refining Client proficiency with firearms!

Small Arms / Firearms / Revolver / Pistol / Shotgun / Rifle / Education, Instruction, Training, Consultation, & Special Contract Services Provider serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut.

M2PS: "Mindset • Mechanics • Problem Solving"

Providence, Rhode Island

Mobile Office: (757)-510-1338* *Please leave a detailed message, we might be on the Range!

All sessions by appointment only.

Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 9pm

*Availability adaptable to Contract Providers